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Benjamin Gordon is the CEO of Cambridge Capital, an investor in transportation, logistics, and supply chain technology companies. He has founded four companies in supply chain and related fields. For more information, please visit https://benjamingordon.me/about/.

Is the Era of Outsourcing Over?

Outsourcing: is it growing, shrinking, or transforming? In 1990, Hamel and Prahalad published an article in Harvard Business Review called The Core Competence of the Corporation. It argued that companies should outsource their non-core services, because, in the words of Jack Welch, "Your back office is someone else's front office." This article helped to usher in an [...]

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Interview with Benjamin Gordon and the Armchair Attorney

It was a pleasure to talk about logistics, supply chain technology, the deal environment, and Ukraine in this interview with Matthew Leffler, the Armchair Attorney. We had a wide-ranging discussion about the industry, how investors are looking at the supply chain sector, and more. Please see below for the video of our interview! -Benjamin Gordon, [...]

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Making Sense of Today’s Volatile Supply Chains

How can we make sense of the volatile changes in our supply chains this year, and what should we expect going forward? For excellent insights, we can turn to Harvard Business School Professor Willy Shih. Willy just published a thoughtful article in the The Wall Street Journal on the seven principles of today's supply chain. To summarize: 1. Today's [...]

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The Ukraine Logistics Coalition (ULC) is focused on protecting Ukraine by maximizing the inflow of food, medicine, and vital supplies. To that end, it was terrific to see Ukraine Ambassador Oksana Markarova at the YPO Global Diplomacy Network conference in DC. We talked about how to help rebuild Ukraine and strengthen its supply chains. The [...]

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Ukraine, Pity, and the City of Slaughter

Many people have asked me why Ukraine matters. What is it about Russia's invasion that impelled me to get involved, and why should you care? First, I believe we have a moral obligation to help the innocent people of Ukraine. Second, having bought a logistics company with employees in Ukraine, I wanted to do everything [...]

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GreenScreens.ai Financing – and Implications for the Logistics Industry

Today, GreenScreens.ai announced the closing of an investment to accelerate their growth in predictive pricing and advanced analytics. The round was led by Tiger Global, with participation from Cambridge Capital, Flyer One Ventures, Navigate Ventures, Jones Capital, Red Door Capital, Overton Venture Capital, Operator Stack Fund, and Refashiond Ventures. More than capital, this investment represents [...]

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Maersk Acquisition of LF Logistics

The Maersk acquisition of LF Logistics signifies a few things. First, major shippers are converting their record profits into expansion in logistics. This move dovetails with the CMA CGM acquisition of Ingram Micro, and the MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company pursuit of Bolloré Logistics in Africa. Second, for every buyer rationale, there is also a seller rationale. Now that the Maersk deal is complete, Li & [...]

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Supply Chains: Do you Prefer Cheap, or Resilient?

Would you prefer your supply chains to be cheap or resilient? It turns out that 40 years of cutting cost exposed us to dependency on China and risk of disruption. What happens next? One solution will be "China + 1." As Harvard Business School professor Willy Shih describes it in the Wall Street Journal, "Politically sensitive gear such [...]

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Logistics: The Battle Between Walled Garden and Open Source Models

The technology world has seen a battle between walled-garden and open source models. Apple created a closed-loop ecosystem where it tightly controlled the customer experience. On the other hand, Google challenged the status quo with an open-source network that brought in a broad range of partners. In logistics, we are seeing a similar battle emerge. On the one side, [...]

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