What is GreenScreenin’?

Nate Shutes has created a song to capture the supply chain tech revolution in music. Nate and Alicia came up with “Don’t Stop GreenScreenin'” to put a smile on your face. If you are a freight professional, can you listen to this song and not laugh?


But there’s a deeper purpose. What should freight brokers, “living in the lonely world” of a volatile transportation market, do to make sense of the chaos? And how can they find a way to sift through the load boards and come up with a solution to price faster, more accurately, and more profitably?

As Alicia sings:

“She’s just a small town girl, shipping in a lonely world! She took the latest rates going anywhere!

He’s just a city boy, booking loads without a choice! He took the latest rates going anywhere!

Brokers, waiting… up and down every load board! The prices, searching, if they’re right!

Brokers, waiting… living just to find solutions… hiding, right there in plain sight!

Don’t Stop… GreenScreenin! Hold on to that feeling!”


There’s a lot of buzz about this topic.

For more, please visit the supply chain technology innovators at GreenScreens.ai, which is giving freight brokers a choice, and the tools to price faster and more profitably! I’m proud to be a part of the GreenScreens team!

Benjamin Gordon, Cambridge Capital