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Benjamin Gordon is the CEO of Cambridge Capital, an investor in transportation, logistics, and supply chain technology companies. He has founded four companies in supply chain and related fields. For more information, please visit https://benjamingordon.me/about/.

Supply Chains: Do you Prefer Cheap, or Resilient?

Would you prefer your supply chains to be cheap or resilient? It turns out that 40 years of cutting cost exposed us to dependency on China and risk of disruption. What happens next? One solution will be "China + 1." As Harvard Business School professor Willy Shih describes it in the Wall Street Journal, "Politically sensitive gear such [...]

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Logistics: The Battle Between Walled Garden and Open Source Models

The technology world has seen a battle between walled-garden and open source models. Apple created a closed-loop ecosystem where it tightly controlled the customer experience. On the other hand, Google challenged the status quo with an open-source network that brought in a broad range of partners. In logistics, we are seeing a similar battle emerge. On the one side, [...]

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Last-Mile Logistics in Latin America

Last-mile logistics is growing rapidly in the US. This surge has fueled growth for giants like UPS and FedEx, as well as last-mile logistics specialists like USPack and LaserShip, and technology leaders like Bringg. And it has been fueling acquisitions, such as the Target acquisition of Deliv. But what about Latin America? $11 billion has been invested globally in last-mile logistics this decade, but Latin [...]

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Bringg Becomes the Newest Unicorn in Logistics

The supply chain world just welcomed its latest unicorn. Congratulations to Bringg and its outstanding team, which is building the market leader in last-mile logistics software. When we first met Bringg's founders Raanan Cohen and Lior Sion, it was 2016. Bringg was just getting started. Still, it was clear that they had a compelling solution for the last mile, blue-chip [...]

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The JD Logistics IPO and the Growth in Chinese Last-Mile Logistics

JD Logistics is planning to raise $3.4 billion in an IPO. Three issues that stand out: First, JD attracted a world-class network of largely US-based investments banks, including Bank of America and Goldman Sachs. Nevertheless, they chose the Hong Kong exchange for their listing. This reflects the fact that Chinese and US markets are increasingly separating from one another. [...]

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Why Cambridge Capital Backed ReverseLogix

Cambridge Capital recently decided to invest $20 million in ReverseLogix, a reverse logistics SaaS company. We've received a lot of interest from other logistics technology companies, as well as retailers and brands seeking a partner to manage their returns. So I thought it might help to explain our reasoning for making this decision, and sharing [...]

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Benjamin Gordon Interview with Pearl Lemon

I had the opportunity to do an interview with Pearl Lemon. We had a free-ranging discussion, covering good advice, bad advice, best investment, recovering from failures, and more. Here are a few highlights. Feel free to see the full interview here.   What Is The Book (Or Books) You’ve Given Most As A Gift, And [...]

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The Blue Wave and Taxes: What a Biden Win Means for Business Owners… and Supply Chain Companies

On November 3, the American people will vote. We may not know the actual election results immediately, due to unprecedented volumes of vote-by-mail. However, the polling currently suggests a Democratic sweep of the White House, Congress, and Senate. Meanwhile, Wall Street increasingly expects a Blue Wave. What will be the ripple effects for taxes, business [...]

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The DeJoy Controversy: Are Leaders Wanted in the USPS?

The US Postal Service has gotten more publicity this year than any time in modern history. A Google search for “USPS Postmaster General” yields 23.8 million results, including multiple front-page stories in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Washington Post this month. Many have challenged the qualifications of new US Postmaster General Louis [...]

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