About Benjamin Gordon

Benjamin Gordon is the CEO of Cambridge Capital, an investor in transportation, logistics, and supply chain technology companies. He has founded four companies in supply chain and related fields. For more information, please visit https://benjamingordon.me/about/.

Benjamin Gordon Interview with Pearl Lemon

I had the opportunity to do an interview with Pearl Lemon. We had a free-ranging discussion, covering good advice, bad advice, best investment, recovering from failures, and more. Here are a few highlights. Feel free to see the full interview here.   What Is The Book (Or Books) You’ve Given Most As A Gift, And [...]

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The Blue Wave and Taxes: What a Biden Win Means for Business Owners… and Supply Chain Companies

On November 3, the American people will vote. We may not know the actual election results immediately, due to unprecedented volumes of vote-by-mail. However, the polling currently suggests a Democratic sweep of the White House, Congress, and Senate. Meanwhile, Wall Street increasingly expects a Blue Wave. What will be the ripple effects for taxes, business [...]

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The DeJoy Controversy: Are Leaders Wanted in the USPS?

The US Postal Service has gotten more publicity this year than any time in modern history. A Google search for “USPS Postmaster General” yields 23.8 million results, including multiple front-page stories in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Washington Post this month. Many have challenged the qualifications of new US Postmaster General Louis [...]

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The Beer Game

Why is Crown Holdings, Inc. running out of cans? Supply chain students are familiar with the "beer game." It's an academic exercise that shows how a small increase in demand at the end-consumer level can drive larger ripples through the entire supply chain. We are witnessing a real-life "beer game" today, as demand shifts from kegs to [...]

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Will Mexico Win the US-China Trade War?

In 1992, Paul Tsongas said, "The Cold War is over. Japan won!" Sometimes a surprising third party emerges as the winner in a two-party battle. Will the US-China trade war cause both the US and China to invest more aggressively in Mexico? As FreightWaves reported, Mexico announced three Chinese companies, Holley Technology, Kuka Home and [...]

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Cambridge Capital Invests in Liftit

Congratulations to Liftit on closing its latest round! Cambridge Capital is pleased to support them. Liftit is building a technology platform to automate last-mile truck deliveries in Latin America. We liked their entrepreneurial drive, traction with customers, and leadership in Latin America. Please see their press release and the TechCrunch article for more on Liftit. [...]

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How will the Coronavirus Change Logistics Technology?

Will the coronavirus cause logistics technology to grow faster? That is exactly what we are seeing. The COVID-19 challenge is encouraging companies to accelerate their adoption of new technologies that boost productivity. Beneficiaries include robotics, drones, transportation management systems (TMS), robotics process automation (RPA), and more. In turn, venture capital and private equity firms are [...]

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Social Distancing and Logistics

The new buzzword in coronavirus containment is "social distancing." What is it, and what does it mean for logistics? China has popularized application of "social distancing" in a bid to control the runaway Covid-19 coronavirus. After a slow start, China has moved aggressively in Wuhan and elsewhere. Key measures have included closing schools, quarantining entire [...]

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