The Ukraine Logistics Coalition (ULC) is focused on protecting Ukraine by maximizing the inflow of food, medicine, and vital supplies.

To that end, it was terrific to see Ukraine Ambassador Oksana Markarova at the YPO Global Diplomacy Network conference in DC. We talked about how to help rebuild Ukraine and strengthen its supply chains. The ULC is working with the Ukrainian government, NGOs, suppliers of vital food and medicine, and transportation companies who are providing free logistics.

We’ve helped with the donation and transportation of more than $20 million of medical supplies. But this is a fraction of what is needed.

Now is the time for us all to do more.

If you know medical suppliers that can donate first aid kits, pharmaceuticals and other vital resources, please contact me, as we can help get them into Ukraine quickly and efficiently. And more information, please visit the Logistics Coalition here.

Thank you.

Benjamin Gordon, Ukraine Logistics Coalition co-founder