How will the Coronavirus Change Logistics Technology?

Will the coronavirus cause logistics technology to grow faster? That is exactly what we are seeing. The COVID-19 challenge is encouraging companies to accelerate their adoption of new technologies that boost productivity. Beneficiaries include robotics, drones, transportation management systems (TMS), robotics process automation (RPA), and more. In turn, venture capital and private equity firms are [...]

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Ben Gordon: Supply Chain Execs Optimistic About Growth, Ready For M&A

View Full Article Here - Yahoo Finance The majority of transportation and logistics executives expect their businesses to grow by more than 10% in 2020 and say they are "very likely" to consider a merger, acquisition, investment or other transaction in 2020, according to survey data gathered at BGSA's annual conference. Last week at The Breakers [...]

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Supply Chain Experts Take on Amazon: Benjamin Gordon in Palm Beach Post

Executives pondered options this week during the BG Strategic Advisors Supply Chain Conference at the Breakers in Palm Beach. Full Link Here The rapid growth of Amazon’s delivery business model was a hot topic among concerned logistics and transportation executives at the BG Strategic Advisors Supply Chain Conference at the Breakers this week. The issue [...]

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Logistics Technology Investments with Ben Gordon

Listen to Podcast Here Hello and welcome back to another episode of “The Freight Project Podcast!” On today’s episode we welcome Benjamin Gordon of Cambridge Capital, a capital investment firm with a focus on logistics & logistics technology. Ben is a long time veteran of the logistics industry, having first worked for a company that developed [...]

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