Universal Logistics Buys Container Connection for $60M Cash

Originally published at msn.com on December 7, 2018. Universal Logistics Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: ULH) said on Friday the acquisition of Riverside, Calif.-based drayage companies Deco Logistics, Inc. and Oaktree Logistics Inc., which combined are known as Container Connection, in a $60 million all-cash deal that expands Universal's presence in California to the state's "Inland Empire" distribution mecca and [...]

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What the Transportation Industry is Telling Us about the Economy Now

Originally published on supplychainbrain.com on February 5, 2015. The supply chain may not be glamorous, but it is a powerful indicator of the state of the economy. During the recessions of 1992, 2001 and 2008, the transportation sector was among the first to plummet, and in turn was among the fastest to recover. So what [...]

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Swift, Knight $6 billion merger gives Kevin Knight the keys to a kingdom

Originally published at dcvelocity.com on April 10, 2017. Deal, largest in trucking industry's history, has Knight's imprint all over it. In one fell swoop, Kevin P. Knight has become king of the truckload industry hill. Knight's company, Phoenix-based Knight Transportation Inc., made history today by merging with hometown rival Swift Transportation Co. in a $6 [...]

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BG Strategic Advisors Announces the BGSA 2019 “Supply Chain Shark Tank” Winner

Originally published at bgstrategicadvisors.com.  For Immediate Release January 31, 2019 BG Strategic Advisors Announces the BGSA 2019 "Supply Chain Shark Tank" Winner West Palm Beach, Florida --- BG Strategic Advisors is pleased to announce and congratulate Sean Devine of XBE LLC, the winner of The BGSA 2019 "Supply Chain Shark Tank" at the BG Strategic [...]

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Benjamin Gordon Discusses “The China Effect”

Originally published by Benjamin Gordon at truckinginfo.com on November 1, 2006.  British economist Herb Spencer coined the phase "survival of the fittest," where he incorporated Darwin's idea of natural selection into his concept that a stronger business is more likely to survive during various stages of the business cycle. This concept is particularly pertinent when [...]

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Rising Transportation Costs? Here’s How to Minimize Spending

Transportation costs have been on the rise since the 1980s. In 2017 alone, business logistics costs rose 6.2 percent to $1.494 trillion. The reason for this spike? Consumer demand. Raw materials and finished goods now spend more time in transit than on shelves, and this trend will continue. Companies can still reduce costs, however, by [...]

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Thoughts on Supply Chain Technology and Logistics: How Corporate Giants are Holding off Disrupters

Cambridge Capital in Fortune Magazine The pace of change in transportation and logistics has never been faster! We are witnessing a flurry of activity: driverless trucks, e-commerce marketplaces, machine-to-machine platooning, and more. How can transportation and logistics firms keep up? One option is to invest in the disruptors. At Cambridge Capital here in sunny Palm [...]

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Transportation: A Window into the Economy

CNBC Interview on Transportation, Logistics, and the Economy with BGSA's Ben Gordon CNBC's Sue Herera and I discussed the state of transportation and logistics, and the implications for the broader economy. Now more than ever, great companies in the supply chain sector need the ability to adapt. In the interview, we talk about cycling, consolidation [...]

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Logistics: The View from Palm Beach

The BGSA Supply Chain Conference in Palm Beach Every January, we have the pleasure of hosting more than 200 CEOs and leaders of transportation, logistics, supply chain and technology companies at the Breakers in Palm Beach. The annual BGSA Supply Chain conference has become a great way to learn about the big trends and opportunities [...]

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